“Every release is different. Sometimes I feel really inspired and I can sketch maybe two or three songs per week. Sometimes I don’t do anything for months.”

Every time we listen to Chilean but Paris based DJ and producer, Ricardo Tobar´s  “El Sunset” or “Mi Pieza Esta Llena De Cosas” we wallow in memories. It takes us back to a time where minimal techno and a synthetic sound world dominated the clubs. We now had the pleasure to give a listen to his latest rad album release “Collection” released on Cocoon Recordings and checked with him on being satisfied with his music, his own label and a perfect evening.


“I just try to keep doing something better than the last thing, hopefully.” Is what you told us in our last interview. You have just finished your second album that is being released now on Cocoon Recordings. Are you someone who can enjoy his latest work for a while or are you immediately always thinking about the next “better” thing you can do already?

I never really enjoy my songs actually. They are all experiments for the next one that is coming. If I feel satisfied with my music someday, I will probably need to stop.

Tell us a bit about how the work on it was. Do you usually retreat for a longer period of time to finish it fast or you work more with a “haste makes waste” attitude?

It comes and goes, every release is different. Sometimes I feel really inspired and I can sketch maybe two or three songs per week. Sometimes I don’t do anything for months, like now.

Do you think about a story before you write a song or you just have random melodies and beats coming into your mind?

I have an idea of what I want to hear. It’s not random… but of course it’s all improvisation, which is not the same thing.

You chose the name “Collection” for the album because…

Because it’s a collection of songs. I recorded some of them in 2008, so you have a big collage of unreleased work.

One of my favourite songs on the album is the Invierno. Do you have a favourite too?

Glad that you like that one! I usually don’t sing much. I don’t have a favorite one but probably because of the work it took me I would say “inside castle”.

I love the artwork of the cover done by Boris Zelenkevich. Did you give him some directions of what you wanted, or he had free reign to create?

He was free, but he did it a long time ago! I was saving it for something and then he was ok for us to use it on this release. I love the art he makes.

You also have your own label now. How is it going? And what´s the best thing about having your own label? And the most difficult thing?

The most difficult thing is to get vinyl in time, it takes so long now. It’s just a boutique record label so we’re not planning to conquer the world, but I’m happy to know that we’re free to do whatever we want!

You are currently touring in Europe. Are you still nervous before starting a set?

Sometimes, but not as much as I used to be.

A perfect evening for you…

Listening to music on the sofa.

A perfect morning for you…

Getting up early and enjoying the day but I can’t do it… I’m always late.

iamges by Hélène Peruzzaro