Exclusive Premiere – ‘Not Alone’ by Josh Jacobson & Skela

“Not Alone” is about being in the heart of youthfulness, standing there in the changing current and finding a way to let go and enjoy the ride.


Music Video by Chiara Gerek
Photography by Mike Greene


The video for “Not Alone” encapsulates a collaboration and friendship between Josh, Skela, and Chiara, as well as a reminder to us all that, sometimes, throwing caution to the wind and enjoying life is the best decision we can make for ourselves.

Josh Jacobson is a producer and singer-songwriter making a name for himself with a distinctively soulful, organic sound. Approaching dance music with the sensibilities of a lifelong jazz instrumentalist, Josh crafts thoughtful songs to move your body and mind. “Not Alone” is the first of a string of singles and remixes leading to Josh’s debut solo EP in spring 2016.

Skela, a singer-songwriter, has been pursuing her own solo project since Summer of last year and has since gained a reputation as an exceptionally talented songwriter with a knack for telling vividly honest stories about a reckless youth in love with infectious melodies that flow naturally from her.




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