Weaved in My Soul
image by Arnaud Ele
Text by Vanessa Silva Miranda


‘You felt like heaven… (sometimes, some people, in some places feel like that)… instantly like we already knew each other. Paths intertwined in the long night, bodies touching beyond our flesh to reach the soul, words stretching the distance to calm the desire. Bring it all back in rushing waves of ecstasy, just so that, while you kiss me, I can whisper softly to you…”I had a dream about you.”’

For me life has always been about connections. Those precious seconds when something inside you clicks, when unaware you catch yourself smiling embraced by a sense of belonging, knowing you are where you’re supposed to be and with whom you’re supposed to be with. Every day we connect with others, with what surrounds us, but only few are the times when we turn those barely-touching-the-surface interactions into something deeper, beyond what is mere background noise.
I wonder about the connections that fade…a friend that we forgot to call more often, the possibility of a love stretched in time and space, the secrets and desires of someone we ache to know but that are veiled to us. Some connections we will break, others will be broken for us, even when we would just like to keep discovering the possibilities yet to unfold.
I wonder about the connections that linger…how lucky for my inner circle that is a strong and a constant presence, a safe arbour away from the storm. Those that stand the test of time and space, which know no boundaries of affection because at their core they are forever true and pure. Some connections will be so strong that they will turn into life long enchantments; others will just be soft electric discharges that run through our bodies and light up our souls. All, within the story of our life, weaved to our soul as an undeniable part of us. Most days I’m grateful for the meaningful connections I made and continue to hope for… but most days I also wonder about the one’s that slipped away.

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