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Martinez´track and video premiere “Maryam”

Don’t you know
that love comes to those who glow
Golden boys falling on the floor


What a wonderful track and video premiere in order to declare this week almost closed. Martinez´debut single Maryam is one of the first songs written together by Valeria, a self-taught singer songwriter and Yvan, a well known engineer and producer in Switzerland, and out of their upcoming EP in autumn. Initially they met a few years ago only for Yvan to mix Valeria´s last record but they soon discovered their great musical connection and decided to compose together. “Maryam is one of the first song we wrote together. We wanted to talk about the difficulties of being yourself in a society that is constantly trying to make you something else. When we wrote the lyrics we were thinking of a transvertite. Someone who decide to be something else than what society expect him or her to be. This very sensitive and emotional character has to be confronted to the opinion of others and the misinterpretation of his/ her inner universe.” And we are also really hooked on the visual accompaniment they have chosen. With an adorable little girl in the main role, who is conviningly acting out Maryam, the video will emphasize what´s hidden in most of us. “Maryam is a lonely working girl, doing every day the same things and living almost like a ghost. She feels stuck in a conventional life while her body and emotions claim to set her free as a child.”

Video directed by Tim-Robert Charrue et Thomas Szczepanski
Artwork made by Catalina Villegas.
Martinez “Maryam” – VÖ: 22.07.2016 (Oddity Music/ Tunecore/ Believe


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