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Discover: Klyne

Klyne is the Dutch indie/electronic production band of Nick Klein & Ferdous Dehzad. The pair first met at school in the small city of Helmond in the Netherlands, before reconnecting at the dawn of their twenties and beginning work on their masterful fusion of Klein’s searing, soulful voice and Dehzad’s love of electronic music culture. “Water Flow” is the first of 2 tracks we’ll release before the end of this year.

“Water Flow was so fun to do, The song is about people being forced to start over and building a new life, and finding the courage and strength for it in their loved ones in order to do so. “The sound of the Rhodes piano chords throughout the whole song is from an old keyboard i’ve had since i was a little kid. It sounds so shallow and muffled, but I think it fits into the track perfectly. We’ve been playing this song since the beginning of our live shows, and we’re super happy to finally be able to share it. ”

Cover Photo by Kevin Millet

Words by Klyne

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