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Grooving to the beat of ‘The Knocks’ TESTIFY EP

Following up a debut full length of smash hits featuring the likes of POWERS, Wyclef Jean, and Carly Rae Jepsen among others, everyone’s favorite indie disco duo, The Knocks, are back with a brand new six track EP via Big Beat/Neon Gold. Moving into darker spaces, their newest collection, TESTIFY, serves as a reflection of the whirlwind of travels and triumphs that was their debut LP.

The TESTIFY EP was worked on all over the world and is a reflection of the experiences we have had as both musicians and people. From NYC to Nicaragua, LA to Europe, we had the opportunity to visit so many incredible places and meet such wonderful people… all with their own stories, their own perspectives, their own unique lives.

The core of TESTIFY is rooted in soul and gospel and we take it to a darker place than our usual brand of feel-good music. We experiment with new sounds and really explored different genres. We are always evolving as artists and never want to just “stay in our lane” or recycle the same sounds.

This diary is a lens into our world.

Intro by Andy Gorel
Images and words by The Knocks










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