Video premiere: JNTHN STEIN – ‘Cmprssn’

“What matters is
how the song
and that person
makes you feel.”

US producer JNTHN STEIN has just released his brand new Changes EP and video premieres the ‘Cmprssn’ out of it today on C-Heads.

We couldn´t find any better words than letting the brilliant song and visual accompaniment speak for itself as well as the artists word about it: “CMPRSSN is a comparison of the two things I love most; making music and sharing love with a human being, and I tried to evoke both of these with the same language. The lyrics talk about gluing together with that someone, despite all the gambits and distractions around us, to experience the realest, most potent feelings in the world. Lukasz Pytlik captured this beautifully in the video, directing two distant unaware people, despite sharing a home and close proximity, gradually towards finding one another through the music they share and raw undeniable force of attraction, until they come together in full ecstatic bliss at the song’s peak. Their tape collection rains down on them and unravels at their fingertips, intertwining them in the waveforms of the songs that unknowingly inspired them and drew them towards each other. Everything that was is undone and destroyed to make room for how they feel, no matter how extravagant and dreamy that feeling is. In a time where reality comes down to the chemical reactions that influence our perception rationally and emotionally, it doesn’t matter how the song was made, or how and with whom the relationship was conceived. What matters is how the song and that person makes you feel. ”
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