What happened to Fashion?

I was sorting out my cupboard today. Not because there is this new trend for minimalism, but because I really felt this need of getting rid of some old stuff and make space for something new.  I was trying on almost all the pieces, many of them attached with fond memories of a totally different life years ago. By the end I suddenly realized something completely different than I had expected. I realized that I had also started to sort it out to create this perfect “me”, keeping the colours that suit me, the shapes that fit perfectly and in the future only purchase things according to that. And even though this does make sense after all, it suddenly struck me what had happened to all the fun and easiness that was supposed to be connected with fashion? And that the thought of looking perfect might sometimes overshadow the noble thought of uncluttering your cupboard and yourself.

Is fashion really about trying to only look perfect and are we living in a time where the real courage and fun of fashion has been a bit lost, for everyone trying to look so perfect on their social networks and for the fear of really standing out with an individual fashion statement? I can´t escape the feeling that maybe despite on fashion weeks or fashion magazines, in the real life one of the main essences of fashion has been lost. The fun, to try yourself out without being scared of grabbing a faux-pas or not looking perfectly pretty at the end. The courage to create a little piece of art with your fashion. Maybe with this mental and visual overload we are faced it just got harder to really find your own style or to experiment. And maybe also this massive overload of clothing in all the tons of shops around us made us tired of really enjoying fashion and not just pretending that we do or trying to create this perfect self. Fashion is always also a symbol for a society´s mood and its social and political development. Maybe fashion these days needs a little bit more courage and intution again and a little less concern if we are wearing the perfect thing and appeal to the mainstream voice.

Words by Sigrun
Image by Aurélien Buttin