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Discover: Chelsea Cutler

Youthful beauty, and the challenges of every twenty-something today. Our current favorite, Chelsea Cutler, sings about unrequited love and romantic insecurity as a 20-year old navigating the roller coasters of life. Discover Chelsea Cutler, and what moves her in this world.

Words by Chelsea Cutler

Sunsets: I make it a priority in the summer to watch the sunset every night. I park my Jeep on the beach right up against the water and sit on top of it and watch the sun go down. Colors are a huge element of my writing. I think they’re the best representations of emotions, and the sunset feels it all. Watching the pinks and blues and reds just takes me to another place and I refer to that feeling a lot when I’m writing.

img_8115New York City: NYC is the most incredible place on earth. It is also the harshest place on earth. No other place can make you feel so unbelievably loved and so painfully alone.

city-shotConcerts: Every time I’m at a concert I get this unexplainable feeling in my chest. Seeing my favorite artists play live is my personal heaven. I love watching how they perform and how they interact with their audience. Live music is a magical thing. If I can make my audiences even half as happy as I am at shows, then I’ll be pleased.

img_1704Fashion: I’m a very visual person so fashion inspires me constantly. Fashion is a crucial form of expression for me. The way I dress helps me create my personal image, which in turn helps me write the type of music that best reflects me and the artist I’m growing to be.

img_3365-1My family: Being an artist is a pretty unconventional career and that can seem super scary. My family believes in me so much and has supported me from day one. Their love and confidence in me helps me tremendously. Feeling so supported has made me so creatively free.


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