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Discover: Joe Hertz

Brixton native Joe Hertz has steadily built his name as one of the UK’s finest producers. Continuing to rise in the world of electronica, he has proven himself capable of dabbling in hip-hop, R&B and house. C-Heads sat down with the budding producer to chat about some of the things that inspire him…

Photos by Kian Benamin & Nat Tong

Japanese culture fascinates me, I guess it just goes that If you like Ramen, video games and anime then you probably belong in Japan. I managed to spend some time travelling over there and it was everything I imagined and more. Its one place that is special to me, even though I only have been there once!

Love is an amazing and complicated thing and its always on the front of my mind when writing songs. I think being in a long term relationship is a pot of gold for songwriting.

Since I was a kid, I’ve always loved playing all kinds of video games. I’ve grown up with them and they defiantly have inspired me. Playing a good game for me can be like reading a good book, it leaves its mark in your memory.

Cycling to the studio really helps me get into the right mindset. It gives me time to think before going in to a writing session, rather than sitting on the tube and looking at a phone!

I find it’s quite similar to working on the production or the mix of a track. Literally playing with ingredients to try and make something others will appreciate. Its becoming a bit of an obsession on the side, maybe one day i’ll serve freshly baked bread at my sets, maybe..

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