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Discover: “Slowing Down” by Sara Kendall

Taking inspiration from both female artists and novels alike, Sara Kendall, an alt-pop songwriter from Massachusetts, has explored the depths of lyricism in her breadth of expressive material. Her lyrics are reflective on her life experience, and prove to be the perfect compliment to her haunting melodies and electronic production.

Words by Sara Kendall
Photos by Mike Greene

“Slowing Down” is about the push and pull between two people in the midst of a failing relationship. During disagreements, accusations can be thrown around. Logical thoughts can twist into hurtful and offensive words. The relationship sometimes survives past due because the pain that follows can turn into something each person craves, even if it only proves to be destructive in the end. This can be especially painful when one person has stronger feelings than the other. Sometimes it takes a while to realize that you are just not compatible as partners. You are slowing each other down, taking up each other’s mental space in a toxic way.

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