Video premiere: Sion Hill – Beaches
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“Press no buttons, live by the sunlight and the moon. Start a revolution. “

Sion Hill, aka Nathan Johnston, is a young singer/songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, artist and producer from Ireland who taught himself to play the guitar at the age of just 11, formed his own pop-punk band when he was just 12, and in the following years has continued his musical career playing with different musicians, such as guitarist Joey Weidner, trying out different genres. Currently he has found a new home in Berlin where his solo career is taking off and we actually caught him live already over here when he supported Peter Doherty´s tour. Today we are happily video premiering his groovy feel-good single “Beaches”, shot in New York, which boasts summer feelings with funky guitar, organ and a riotous choir and speaks up against our dependence on technology and the growing impact of capitalism and self indulgence. ‘Press no buttons, live by the sunlight and the moon. Start a Revolution.’ Oh yes Nathan, we are so taking part in this!

Sion Hill will release his debut album, ‘Elephant… in the Room’ on August 25th 2017.

photography by Nathan Ivor Barlow