Colyer – Lost In Your Love
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Creative gal Naomi Christie directed a truly mesmerizing music video for singer and songwriter Steven Colyer featuring muses Zoe, River, Merlot and Tess.

“Everything moves in slow motion when you’re in the midst of infatuation. You see only them, drowning out everything else, caught in a hypnosis, as if underwater.” Naomie explains . “I wanted to make “Lost In Your Love” simple yet other-worldly mimicking falling in love. This video is about those muses, that feeling, the sense of giving someone the power to be beautiful and mystic when you get lost in their love.”


Director – Naomi Christie (@naomichristie)
Artist – Steven Colyer (
River @opium_dreams
Tess @tesseliza1
Zoe  @zoebelleelyse
Merlot Perle @merlotmargurite
Executive Producer – Stephen Wayne Mallett 
Cinematographer – Justin Gurnari 
1st AC – Jared Wennberg 
Camera Operator – Niels Lindelien 
Production Assistant – Serge Karpenko
Makeup – Nikkie Nouvelle 
Still Photographer – Damon Loble 
Editor – Brad Etter
fashion label: Solstice Intimates