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Song Premiere: So Below – “Close”

Goth-pop chanteuse So Below is in good company in being a Kiwi. While she’s definitely in the same vein as some of her compatriots like Lorde or Broods, she’s got a whole different side in her that looks the direction of new wave and grunge. Imagine if the rock bands of the MySpace heyday swapped their guitars for synths – or The Naked and Famous did some records with Trent Rezner. Whatever she’s doing, it’s unique, and her new single “Close” is no different. It’s a shimmering pop gem – tugs on the heartstrings like some of The 1975’s more emotional tunes, but with the flare of someone like La Roux or Little Boots. Attempts to pigeonhole her sound aside, it’s out today, and you can have a listen below.

Words by Andy Gorel
Photography by Nina Jordan


“I wrote this one with Sam McCarthy and Chelsea Jade. We weren’t intending on making such an upbeat track but it just sort of happened naturally. I think its still fits in well with the other songs and kind of balances well with the song meaning, which is about moving on and finding space from bad relationships in your life.”


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