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Song Premiere: Marie Dahlstrøm & The Naked Eye – Before Then
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Video-Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oxCdjJzlV_k&feature=youtu.be


“Before Then” is a personal song which connected the two singers, Danish singer songwriter Marie Dahlstrøm ( who btw has just completed her masters in neuroscience ) and London-based singer-songwriter Frenchie, the creative force behind musical project The Naked Eye, who have both shared a vulnerable experience.

The track, taken from the Marie´s “Nine” EP, enchants with smooth beats and the harmonic voice combination of the two young artists. The video shows the two of them making the song together in a home studio and leaves a warm and happy feeling of friendship and that great connection we can have with each other when creating something together.

Marie Dahlstrøm
The Naked Eye