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Discover: Dena Amy

Returning from dance music’s premiere destination festival, Your Paradise, in Fiji, emerging multi-hyphenate (DJ, singer, producer, dancer and actress) Dena Amy talks international influences, wanting it all and creative inspirations from Berlin to Byron Bay to Los Angeles.

Photography by Grant Spanier
Words by Dena Amy

“I try to be a full circle artist. Pushing my talents and ambitions as far as I can. A DJ, Singer, Producer, Dancer & Actor and hopefully I can continue to add to that. I believe there is enough room in this amazing world for everyone to have their slice of success and its all about sharing and receiving, teaching is the greatest gift you can give and learning and mentoring is how any of us move forward. This is something I try to build my career upon, always learning and hopefully inspiring others to grow as I do.”

My Inspirations:

Dance– I grew up a dancer and danced professionally till my late 20’s. Dance has always been my biggest inspiration and movement has always been what defined me artistically. My first professional job was doing “The Lion King” the musical, I toured the world singing and dancing 8 shows a week, it taught me so much about discipline and drive, it also prepared me for future touring as a musician.

Film/TV– As an actor, performance art, theatre and cinema have always played a huge role in what moves me, I love getting lost in creating characters, playing roles, watching other artists delve into the depths of their work. I also constantly dream up soundtracks to my own films. I would love to music supervise/curate a film one day!

My Vibe Catchers – I live in LA surrounded by other artists, musicians, actors, singers, dancers and photographers. They are my constant source of inspiration and encouragement. We call ourselves the “Vibe Catchers” cause that’s our ethos; just catching and sharing the good vibes. We all support and encourage each other’s work, it’s absolute magic and my source of support. I love the saying “Your vibe attracts your tribe”

Travel– Different countries and cities have always played a big part in my creative process, recently I was in Mykonos and listening to artists like Rampue & Satori, I have always loved worldly music like Nicolas Jaar and Bedouin. Being born in South Africa I’m very inspired by African beats and music such as Black Coffee. I’ve done my best writing in places like Byron Bay, New York, Cape Town and Berlin.

Other Artists– Often my biggest challenge is finding enough time in the day or month or year to do what I want, which is everything. I’ve been like this since I was a kid, I am not good at sitting still or not working. I gain inspiration from artists like FKA Twigs, Childish Gambino, Jared Leto and Beyoncé. They find time to sing, dance, write, tour,direct and make incredible music. ( and casually win some Grammys and Oscars in between) That’s the dream. The ultimate triple threats who give and give and perform their asses off!

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