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The People, Music, and Magic of All Day I Dream’s NYE Celebration


All Day I Dream is the brainchild of burning man legend, Lee Burridge. The event attracts a very special crowd and the level of sophistication its brings with it is unparalleled in the scene. ADID is well known for its intimate music, unique fashion, and tasteful decor — culminating in an overall very approachable atmosphere. This year, Lee and friends have travelled all over the US as well as various parts of Europe and South America on their Summer of Love 2017 Tour, hitting places like SF, NYC, LA, Dubai, Barcelona, Amsterdam, Rio De Janeiro and Mexico. All Day I Dream has gained notoriety as one of the best dance music events on the planet. With the help of ADID regulars YokoO and Hoj, Lee Burridge took over the heart of Chinatown’s Gin Ling Way for an end of 2017 celebration.

“Sex, love, magic, friendship, and music all under the tapestries of China Town’s glow. All Day I Dream is unlike the festivals you are used to. You have the community of the people of Desert Hearts mixed with the community of All Day I Dream. What makes it unique is they come together not only in the center of a city, but in the heart of China Town. Transforming your casual day in Los Angeles to a night in China filled with lit lanterns, tapestries and to top it off; Chinese confetti blasters. With a single stage this was an intimate affair, running into new friends and old on either side. Everyone was open to the new experience, whether this was there first time to the event. The main point of the event is to experience “putting your head in the clouds” to enjoy the time we have and had, had. The people are what always make these events; the eccentric clothes, the wild dancing and of the course top notch music from an amazing crew of artist. The sultry vibes bring out the best of colorful clothes to truly brighten up the wild night of hip moving motion. The best was getting lost in crowd and looking up. Seeing the lanterns in the sea of people surrounded by Chinese architecture you could really think you were dreaming all day at a magical Chinese festival.”

photography and words by Christopher Brown