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Colorful & cinematic: The work of James Zwadlo

Colorful, cinematic and strong vibes. Get to know the work of graphic designer and photographer James Zwadlo.


What moment made you fall in love with photography?

Honestly, I only got into it very late, maybe a couple years ago. Started with some shots of my holidays and then actively set out to take infrared shots, and then in 2017 set my goal for the year to start shooting portraits.

What is the essence of a good image?

I think we’ll all be searching for the answer to that question till we put our cameras down. For me it’s the eyes, I always look for that connection.

Where do you find the inspiration for your photographs?

Paintings, other photographers, landscapes, colour schemes. Sometimes it’s just the model I’m shooting and something they might be interested in, or a spot in their flat if I’m shooting at their house. An idea can start anywhere really!

Your colourful images transmit so much power and happiness – what makes you happy?

I love exploring new countries, bright colours, new cities, cultures. Back home it’s the simple things, like hanging with my friends and I also get a kick from working on projects I’m excited about, those are the projects that don’t feel like work.


“The essence of a good image? For me it’s the eyes, I always look for that connection.”


How much time do you need to get your images ready?

I have a process which I have fine-tuned over the years, now I can spend anywhere between 15 mins and an hour depending on what I’m editing. Most time is usually spent with manipulating the colours!

What advice would you give a another photographer?

Shoot as much and often as possible. No one starts great, you got to shoot a lot to progress, there will be lots of crappy photos before you get better – but you definitely will. As you train your eye and learn more about your camera and study good photographers you pick things up.

What was the last photobook or magazine you bought?

A “Treats Magazine”, a couple years ago. I don’t really read. I have a few coffee table books. Like the “50 years of the Pirelli calendar” which I love very much.