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“Zero Fucks Given” – Imagine they delete instagram

Take a selfie, fake a life.
Buy flowers, not followers.
Less insta, more life.

The new campaign “Zero Fucks Given” by Barcelona based label Costalamel sees itself as satirical criticism of all the people who believe in life counted as followers and that live because and for IG. „In the era of extreme narcissism, the 24/7 selfie maniacs and all the kids aiming to be instagramers as a way for living…we introduce the very first campaign that wants not to win followers but to lose all of them. Imagine they delete instagram. Boom! You are not a Model anymore!“

Yes, what if. If suddenly there would be no more instagram. No Facebook and co. I too have often gone through this idea. How can it be that something has so much power and control over us? But we have so little control over it. We put so much time into it. Staring at the little screen all day long. First thing in the morning. And the last time before closing ours eyes at night. Constantly checking. Whether followers have been gained. Or lost. More likes. More comments. Longing for appreciation.

A whole parallel universe takes place on there. A universe made up of shitstorms, hate, praise, and love. It´s virtual. Is it real? And yes, what if instagram is really down. Or f.e. your account gets censored. A wrong picture posted. Someone who has reported you too often. Then you realize that everything dissolves in the air within a blink of an eye. How everything you created disappears in a second. Nothing of it is left. How strange reality feels. Yes, what if. If suddenly there would be no more instagram. Is there nothing left and do we really loose something? Or do we get our real lives back?

images by Costalamel
words by Christine