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Too much. Too quick. Of Everything.

Sometimes I am overwhelmed by the feeling of totally over stimulation. The feeling that there is simply too much of everything. Rambling growth. And all at an incredible speed. Do you know the feeling?

Maybe the internet is to blame. Every day, so many new data floods the Internet. Photos. Articles. Videos. On instagram alone, 95,000,000 million new photos were uploaded every day in 2017. 95,000,000 impressions, moments, feelings. Witnesses. Perceived in an instant. A mere finger wipe. Seen. And somehow not seen. Immediately forget.

But somehow it’s not just like that on the internet. In the other, the outside world, time is also relentlessly fast. Shops change their product ranges on a weekly basis. The next time I stroll up and down the street, the same shirt is already hanging on sale. “How many hours have been worked on it altogether until it hangs there. At 4.90 EUR “I think to myself. “What happens to it when the other shirts move up. Does it go to the trash? Or at some point it comes into the rotation again, it starts again from the beginning. “My thoughts circle incessantly. As restless as life. The fast life.

According to Einstein, time does not slow down the faster one moves. And then, at the speed of light, would time stop for me?

Anyway. The deep longing inside of me is that one day everything will slow down. Humanity is breaking away from the system of eternal growth. From the ever faster and the ever more. How about less. Slow movement. But more consciousness and deliberation. More time. Valuable time. Where everything is more than just an instant. Of everything.


words by Sarah K.

Silent moments shot in a beautiful place at the north of Israel
Photography by Nitzan Gur – www.nitzang.com / instagram.com/nitzang1
Model: Tobi – www.instagram.com/vegantobi
Stylist/Makeup: Shaqed Kadosh – www.instagram.com/shaqedkadosh
Assistance by Daniel Pimenov – www.instagram.com/pimenov305