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Song Premiere: Rayvin Moon – “Tyler Durden”

Today is a big day for Rayvin Moon.

The New York based producer and songwriter makes her highly anticipated debut today with the dark pop affair, “Tyler Durden.” Not much about the new artist is known yet, but the music speaks for itself. A towering production paired with her unmistakable voice, Rayvin assesses the universally relatable, the pondering of one’s existence. Sonically it would be fair to draw her in comparison to a slightly more left-of-center Halsey, but regardless, the path she decides to take things next will be interesting as in just under four minutes she’s already proven she has all the tools necessary to cut through the at the moment oversaturated pop scene.

Words by Andy Gorel
Photos by Jushin Gonzalez


“I wrote Tyler Durden while on a 3 week road trip, dreaming in sheets that were not my own and reflecting on the past year of my life which had been a particularly difficult one. I was really questioning my existence. The lyrics came first and the production came second; I knew the production had to be cinematic and mimic the highs and lows I was experience in real time.”

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