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Song Premiere: Willemijn May – “Paper Planes”

Objectively speaking, change is just a part of the journey.

Although she’s already amassed millions of streams with her charming folk pop tunes, dutch singer-songwriter Willemijn is making the leap into the pop game. By no means her debut, but also a debut of sorts, her newest single “Paper Planes” is about the journey – for anyone, doing anything. An anthem of sorts for finding your way to anywhere, or nowhere – the melodies are strong, and the production is sleek, yet triumphant. It seems May is comfortable in her newfound territory, and “Paper Planes” could be the flagship of a new era for the European artist.

Words by Andy Gorel
Photos by Renée Sara Joppe


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Video-Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gDec50a7mt8&feature=youtu.be

“Love and relationships can come and be very unexpected. So can life.”

“Sometimes it is hard to keep looking for that one thing you want from life and sometimes, all at once, it is right in front of you, unexpectedly. ‘Paper Planes’ is definitely written out of my own experience. When I wrote the lyrics, it was a love song and a couple of weeks later I figured out that I wrote exactly about what my life felt like at that moment. It was great to see how, even for me, the meaning of the song could change like that over time”.

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