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Video premiere: Alice At Once by Lion Sphere

“With Alice At Once we wanted to transmit a colourful feel-good vibe, the feeling of summer, that you don´t forget so easily.”

With this joyful, sweeping track ‘Alice At Once’, the first Single out of Lion Sphere’s debut album ‘A Moving Sun’, we are officially calling the winter to an end – even though we are still counting some snowflakes twirling across the sky. But we can feel the sun, warmth and light feeling coming so much closer after watching the fab video that was captured in Spain and that we eagerly premiere on C-Heads today. The Berlin based four-piece band officially releases the single tomorrow, Friday 23rd of March, as a self-publication and singer Joel Montagud fills us in a bit more about the writing of the song:” We want to convey the ease and euphoria from a lush summer that you know is going to be archived in your memory as some of the ‘good days’ of youth and friendship. The audible lightness interplaying with groove is the result of the synergy we achieved during our writing camp in Spain last year, where we spent a few weeks playing under the open sky. We had the luxury of time and allowed ourselves to be experimental and playful. The sheer amount of playing meant our happy accidents and spontaneous moves could become organically honed. Lyrically the song is a testament to taking chances, and not being held back by outside influences. This song is very much like a soundtrack for a day from this summer with Lion Sphere.”