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Track Premiere: “Mellizos” by Darlyn Vlys

Suavely and mesmerizing the track ‘Mellizos’ introduces itself to its listener before only a few seconds later suddenly taking you away like a storm. Taken from ‘The Prince in the Rain’ album by electronic producer Darlyn Vlys, it will be out on April 13th on Sincopat, but before that we have the honor to have the exclusive European premiere here on C-Heads and speak to the talented French but currently Valencia, Spain based artist about the inspiration to the track, his rituals when creating new songs and composing music for a short movie.



Truly in love with the song. Mellizos means Twins so I guess it is a track you wrote for the twins that just entered your life, is that right?

Thank you for your kind words! That’s correct; I started composing Mellizos when I was told of this wonderful news.
I usually spend several hours playing and researching how to develop a main idea, but this time it was quite different, I had an extra feeling, a real motivation, I immediately felt the desire to make a positive and pleasant song.

It almost feels a bit like a movie soundtrack – it´s very eclectic and hypnotic. How was the creating process for it- you just sat down and it just all poured out like that or it was more like a puzzle where you added one piece to another over time?

I have the same feeling indeed, I recently listened to “Mellizos” again and I could perfectly imagine a soundtrack of it. About the creating process, it depends a lot on the mood in which I find myself at a certain moment; most of the time I just work on sounds and drum arrangements until I think that I’m really diving into something nice. It happens also that in other times I perfectly know what’s the direction I want to take with a song. As for Mellizos, everything went very smoothly, I quickly found the concept sampling and chopping the main vocals, and then I started to play with them and rest of elements.

“Generally, I just need to be in the mood of writing music, the feeling of the moment will give the direction.”


What is essential for you when creating new songs? Like f.e to retreat somewhere, or to drink coffee, or… a sort of ritual that you have in order to be able to work well?

Being totally honest, the only ritual I have at this very moment is to wake up every morning at the same time as my kids. After leaving them at school, I have a predisposed and open mind, real free time where I can focus in the recording studio and start to work full of energy :) But generally, I just need to be in the mood of writing music, the feeling of the moment will give the direction.

What´s the story behind the album´s title name?

“Prince in the Rain” title is inspired by a reverb preset very frequently used during the whole album composition, and that pays also tribute to one of the artists who has inspired my musical career the most: the regrettably deceased Prince. Even though all around this album and more accurately its title began when I decided to choose a picture from my eldest son for the cover, there is this anecdote / story in which we used to call him at home “The Little Prince”.

I read you initially studied film and that is what brought you to electronic music, right? And did you anyway finish studying then and are you still doing something related to visuals?

That’s right, I’ve already had this electronic music taste before I started the university but I’m sure that cinema helped me to find my own path as a music composer. And yes, I am still working on cinema nowadays. Lastly I really enjoyed composing a soundtrack for a short movie (“FACES” by Vincent Vandries)


“I’m sure that cinema helped me to find my own path as a music composer.”


Your favourite music when you were a teenager?

From an early age on I had a strong passion for music in general. But as far as I remember in my mid-teens, everything started in 1997, when a friend of mine gave me a cassette of the album «Homework» (Daft punk).
I fell in love right away, I found this music so different and refreshing! That was my first connection with electronic music.

What things that your parents taught you, do you want to pass on to your kids?

My parents made it always very clear that I could count on the family at any time. Family has always been especially important to my parents, and for that reason, it became so important to me. And for the same token, I will transmit that loyalty to my kids; they can always count on us in any situation, whatever it may be.

image by Vincent Vandries: www.facebook.com/vincent.vandries