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Video Premiere: ‘My Veins Are Roads’ by Italian duo YOMBE


With this superfresh and uplifting track out of their album ‘GOOOD’, which was released in November 2017 on Carosello Records, Italian duo YOMBE help us to a energetic start into Tuesday morning. “We pay tribute to Mickey and Gus from the Netflix Original ‘Love’ on the new single,” they reveal. After taking inspiration from the messy onscreen relationship, producer Alfredo Maddaluno and songwriter Cyen sought to capture their own relationship in the video for ‘My Veins Are Roads’: “We wanted to be the main characters of the video without acting or playing a role but just trying to be ourselves.” The video was shot by Jon Bronxl using an iconic Nashika N8000 3D Camera. And now enjoy this really eye-catching visuals – but be careful – it´s addictive!

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