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Premiere: “Das Meer” Stimming


“the moon shimmers in the sea. the night shines in silver. all color has escaped and yet – the endlessness of the horizon exerts a magical power. the water is deep and dark. there are dazzling creatures down there, feeling attracted to each other.”

“I’m neither afraid of showing my emotions nor afraid to include them in my music” says Martin Stimming about his work. The Hamburg based electronic producer develops dance music like no other: playful, energetic driven, perfectly arranged and yet never lose the unwanted ease. “I wanted people to see me as an evolving artist, where you never know what exactly you get – but you know that it’s Stimming.” he explains.

We are happy to premiere his new track “Das Meer” out of his upcoming  “Die Luft, Der Gartner und Das Meer” which is coming out via Ki Records. And it turned out atmospheric, hauntingly deep and sparkling. Just like the sea.

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image by Niels Freidel