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Video Premiere FYE & FENNEK – “Places”

‘Places’ is a single that embodies a feeling, and the phenomena, of this universal searching for home, and acceptance shared by people around the globe.”

explain German music duo FYE & FENNEK, while we dip into their awesome track, and eagerly follow the stunning visuals that we premiere here on C-Heads today. “The video takes place in Hanoi, Vietnam, and follows a main character that is caught between two worlds; a world where her parents strictly enforce traditional values and the world she has broken into through social media, magazines, and popular western culture.” And so she starts to dream herself away trying to free herself from conventional values and norms, discovers her love for another girl and gains new strength through boxing sports in order to follow her own path. “Beyond pop-culture, the true essence of what is sought is really freedom, flexibility, and acceptance for lifestyle choices.” Places is a foretaste of the band´s new album and we can´t wait to hear more of those two!


images credit Simon-Hegenberg