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Premiere: Scratch Massive drop cinematic video for “Last Dance”

Scratch Massive´s new video “Last Dance”, which was directed by Jerome La Gerlache is a wonderful and cinematic piece telling the story of a young member of a small local gang who becomes transfixed on a female ballerina and seeking the bright lights of love.

“The song really was the cornerstone of this script. I had this idea the first time I have listened to it. I wanted to tell a story of hope and with the powerful message that love can push us away from the darkest places. Her art saves the young ballerina from his condition in the hotel, letting her escape from her slavery position. Love helped the young man to take the decision to take the money and make a new life away from all this violent way of living he always hated.” explains director Jerome La Gerlache. Watch out for their new record, Garden of Love, out on bORDEL Records set to release this October.