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Who is In.Drip.?

Every once in a while, something new and interesting just appears from what seems like thin air.

As is the case with alt-pop newcomer, In.Drip. Last Wednesday on Billboard, nestled neatly between write-ups on Post Malone and Demi Lovato, was an exclusive premiere of the native Californian’s debut single, “Titles.” Employing story-telling abilities similar to Bon Iver, sleek pop sensibilities like Drake, and a youthful exuberance like that of The Neighbourhood, In.Drip. paints a picture that is telling, but open for interpretation. Other than the Billboard premiere, which is a rare feat for a brand new act, the bleach blonde Angelino seems to be playing it cool. Not a whole lot is known yet, except that there is more new music on the way shortly. Until then, “Titles” will have to suffice in soundtracking your late night drives on summer nights.

Photos by Aine Rua O’Regan


“Titles is about an imperfect love. It’s longing for night talks to last forever, but realizing that things are not the same in the morning. Sometimes I’ll go driving in the hills or in downtown after the world has gone to sleep. “Titles” is written from that point of view. I’m really too deep in my own thoughts.”


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