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Video Premiere: Saro – “Sardonic”

“Sardonic” impresses with vast landscapes, slow pace settings and a metaphoric picture language, underlining the hypnotic track.

Our today´s music premiere is the gorgeously shot visual – directed by Alex Cook – for the EP track “Sardonic” by Los Angeles artist Saro, which is also the final video of a “5-part visual series” centered around his recent “Boy Afraid EP”.

“My best friend, Simone Battle, committed suicide in 2014, and it sent me into a deep depression. She was the first person who inspired me to make music and to believe in me as a songwriter. With her death, a piece of me was lost. There were days where I felt like I was losing a fight with my own thoughts. The 5-part visual series for the Boy Afraid EP is a complete film depicting my demons returning to pull me under again, and I fight them off a second time before I decide to embrace them. I’ve come to realize that everyone has their demons and they are an important part of who I have become and where I draw my artistic inspiration.” explains the artist thoughtfully.

Video Directed by: Alex Cook
Produced by: Linda Christina Riedmann
Executive Producer: Kyle Draper
Director of Photography: Sam Davis
Production Design: Lauren Ivy
Creative Consultant: Joshua Nixon
Special Appearance by: Stormi
photographs by Raphael Chatelain