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Song Premiere: Thoreau – “Afraid”

There’s beauty in simplicity.

American producer-artist Thoreau keeps that on his radar at all times. He takes his name after legendary philosopher Henry David Thoreau. Today July 12th is National Simplicity Day, aka National Thoreau day – a day in which the beliefs of the great philosopher are celebrated. Fittingly enough, Thoreau has chosen today to practice what he preaches. His newest single, “Afraid” showcases a concept we’re introduced to as children, but sometimes have a hard time applying to every day life – don’t let your fear decide your path. Pairing a shimmering production with a physically polished but philosophically raw vocal performance, the solo artist makes it clear, he’s just heating up for his upcoming EP.

Words by Andy Gorel
Photos by Lindsey Oh


“I’m done missing out on life because of fear. Too little time, too much to do.”


“I am so pumped to finally be getting my debut EP out to the world, with this new hip-hop direction I feel like I’ve really been able to voice a side of myself that I never was able to when I was solely a producer.”

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