Please read our submission – guidelines/legal CAREFULLY before submitting anything to our page.
Only correct submissions will be handled.

General Infos:

  • Due to the massive volume of submissions we are only taking exclusive submissions which are completely unpublished
  •  Once an editorial gets accepted it will need around 2- 5 weeks to get up on the site. Please be patient. <3
  •  Please also note that due the high amount of submissions we can only pick out a few
  •  Due to the high volume of submissions, the print issues of C-HEADS Magazine is unfortunately an invite-only publication only. Requests on print issues will not be responded. Thanks for understanding.

By submitting your series you confirm:

  • As a photographer you own a properly signed model release
  • As a photographer you own a written permission of the model(s) and agency (ies) for publishing the images on and all C-Heads Channels (Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr,…)
  • As a photographer you confirm not to infringe any third party rights or laws
  •  Furthermore you agree you have the permission of the location / home owner to shot and use images for publication
  • For nude images the photographer confirms and owns a legally document copy (passport) that the model is full of age 

Accepted Series Submitting Requirements:

  • Please send the accepted full series min size 1200 px via wetransfer or dropbox (NO attachments)
  • Please add all team credits / team links / instagram links in a correct format
  • Please add a few lines on the background and story of the shooting (location, inspiration,…)
  • Please attach the model release
  • Nude series: Please attach the legally document of the model


By submitting to our page you agree to our (C-Heads) terms and conditions.  Legal Infos can be found here.

By participating to C-Heads known as ‘C-Heads Magazine’ its affiliates and assigns the right for to publish and use the contents on and also for the content at Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr (Social-Profiles). In special cases also for promotion-stuff of C-Heads Magazine – like flyers, folders, posters, cards, projections and also for public relations work (PR), like e.g. newspapers, events, exhibitions and presentations. C-Heads and their owners never sell your images and interviews without your personal permission. Note, that you have to be the only copyright-owner of the images, text, music (…) to submit them. As a photographer you own the written permission of the models and agencies for publishing the images. For nude images the photographer confirms and has a legally document copy  that the model is over 18+. Basically, you keep all rights to your submissions. However, in the interest of maintaining quality, we retain the right to make spelling/grammatical/visual changes to your work and to use them for the promotion of C-Heads Magazine. C-Heads and their editors also retain the right to add annotations as we see fit. You agree, by the acknowledgement of this disclaimer, to not hold C-Heads and their owners responsible for any injury, mental or physical, resulting from the publishing of your submission. Also, if anyone sues you for slander from an content you submit that we decide to publish, you agree to not hold C-Heads and their owners liable. Lastly, C-Heads cannot guarantee that every submission will be published.

Please also find more infos about our privacy here: Privacy / Datenschutz