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”I’m going in every direction possible.” Lydmor releases new music video for 五 DIM

Another morning reaching for my underwear
And crawling out the door
You know I’ll call a million times inside my head
And talk about the things you wanted more

Producer, songwriter and performer Lydmor hast just released her brandnew album ‘I Told You I’d Tell Them Our Story‘ and this is followed now by the new music video release of her single 五 DIM. “The song contains parts of the dialogue that also appears on the album’s opening track ‘The Mansion’. Once more you are hearing a mysterious voice: ”Where are you going in life? I’m going in every direction possible.” In this song I’m equal parts in love and belittled.” says Lydmor. The video has been directed by Danish director, writer, designer and animator Jeanette Nørgaard and is based on footage from „Fjer“. A real catchy tune paired with an awesome animation.

images by Anna Marin