“Don’t Blow The Illusion” Robin Waters


Photographer Robin Waters has some sort of nostalgia for the ´60s. This and the models and what she sees in them determines the themes of her shootings. It´s honest looking moments as most of the models are her friends, and the footage is full of colours, smiles and lively summery vibes. “The summer energy you experience when you view the images is mainly inspired by a lust to leave Ontario – while it is very beautiful I often dreamt of escaping to places like California and Hawai’i and it comes through in my first works – then you see the more recent stuff is actually shot in the places I dreamt of. Pretty surreal.” Also her brand Don’t Blow The Illusion spreads this positive energy with rad designs of f.e. tank tops, T-shirts and what she calls hotcakes. The essence of the signature of the brand “is about life’s contradictions. The constant conflict that goes on inside the mind: how we want to live versus how we think we should. This debate sums up the most common, profound and useless thoughts inside my mind daily.” We are in some holiday mood now.









all images by Robin Waters

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