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Maki by Shuji Kobayashi for C-Heads
We just love this beautiful exclusive story by Photographer Shuji Kobayashi (Kind Inc.) in which Model Maki embodies this stunningly pretty and gracious Asian woman embedded into the simple architecture of her surrounding. Designer/Stylist is Ayaka Sato describes her clothes on this shoot as “elegant yet vulnerable… supposed to be worn on a naked body, but I intended to use a lot of sheer materials and slits.” “I chose “vulnerable” because I notice the sense of fragility in the word. I think that is the moment that I wanted to capture.” Hair Make up are done by Takashi Hida (Kind Inc.) A story full of details and a softness and serenity that carries a lot of strength.














Photographer: Shuji Kobayashi (Kind Inc.) shujikobayashiphotography.blogspot.jp
Designer/Stylist: Ayaka Sato
Hair Make up: Takashi Hida (Kind Inc.)
Model: Maki


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