Bad Vibrations featuring Charlotte Gregg by Lagoon presented by Fashion Grunge

We have a new crush. Lagoon is the Sydney based artistic collaboration between Creative Director/Photographer Tim Swallow and Film Maker, Ed Triglone.

Together they create some pretty magic stuff we can´t take our eyes off. Bad Vibrations is their newest short film starring Charlotte Gregg at IMG presented by Fashion Grunge. And if you are curious on the song, it´s “Haunting at 1300 McKinley” by the Black Angels. We can´t wait for the full release.


Bad Vibrations presented by Fashion Grunge
Featuring: Charlotte Gregg @ IMG
Creative Direction: Tim Swallow
Cinematography: Ed Triglone
Produced: Tim Nathan
Styling: Cynarra Ferguson
Stunt Driving: Charlie Marmaduke


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