C-Heads Exclusive: “Love makes the world go round” 5 minutes with a model – Get to Know Jenny Parry photographed by Michelle Barton for C-Heads

“My fashion inspirations usually come from the 60′s and 70′s, films, musicians, music, books and going on road trips.”

It´s not a secret that we have a huge crush on green-eyed model and actress Jenny Parry. Los Angeles based Michelle Barton captured her in this natural C-Heads Exclusive. In our interview she talks about her soul mate, beauty and what makes her happy. “We were just getting some shots for a couple clothing companies and it turned into a fun day hanging out in my yard and on my roof in Pasadena. This is why I love LA in the winter. Warm days spent on rooftops and my body near the sun kissed earth.” tells Michelle.


When did you start modeling? And can you rememeber your first shooting?

I started while I was studying fashion and art in college.  People  started asking me to shoot, and I always had an interest in it, so I decided to give it a try. I think my first shoot was just with a friend who was trying out photography, but I know my first gig was modeling in a window at a party at one of the Diesel stores. Ha.

On your blog you wrote: “I’ve always been influenced by what the boys wear.” What are your other fashion inspirations? An what are the most important things you look for in a guy?

My fashion inspirations usually come from the 60’s and 70’s, films, musicians (and music), books and going on road trips. As for what I look for in a guy…I love someone who is confident in them self (but not cocky), who has a sense of humor, who is kind, spontaneous and passionate.

What keeps you and Jason Lee Parry together? And how did you find your soul mate?

We have a good time! He’s my best friend…I can honestly say we really enjoy being around each other (most of the time). We share the same interests, we love going on adventures together. We actually met on a shoot. It’s a long story but I had a boyfriend at the time. Definitely never expected that I would meet my future husband on a shoot.

 You are currently living in Laurel Canyon. What do you enjoy about this neighborhood. And where can we find you on a Friday night?

I love that you are in the middle of Los Angeles but it feels like a world away. I love the vibe of the neighborhood, it has such an awesome history and you can still feel that. So many quirky houses, lots of trees, and I love grabbing a coffee at the canyon market. We love grabbing dinner on a Friday night, maybe hitting up a bar after or a party, or checking out a movie. If I’m super lazy I’ll be at home drinking wine.

What makes you happy? And what makes you sad?

Happy-  vacations, ice cream, fireworks, date nights, champagne, working out, dancing, and of course, accomplishing something I’ve worked hard for and challenging my fears, doing things to make others happy. Sad- rejection, when I feel like I can´t control my future, death, too many cloudy days in a row (born and raised in Southern California, it just gets to me)

A good image has to…

Evoke feeling, whatever feeling that may be.

What is your favorite no-makeup beauty tip?

It starts from the inside. If I am sleeping well, working out everyday, drinking lots of water, green juices and eating lots of vegetables; then I don’t need much make-up. Exfoliate, and use lots of moisturizer.

What kind of music were you exposed to as a child…?

Ha, well when I was super young I made my mom listen to Pirate radio (metal station) for some reason in the car while she just wanted to hear her 94.7 (smooth jazz). That eventually turned into being super into punk and rock n roll. But maybe because of my mom I’ve always been into jazz as well.

Where do you see yourself in the future?

Hopefully expanding my blog into something more amazing, collaborating on a clothing line with a brand or two, acting in a few films, definitely starting a band and having a cute lil family in a cute lil house.

The most important thing in life is?

Love! Love makes the world go round.


Michelle Barton for C-Heads - (c) 2015 (1)

Michelle Barton for C-Heads - (c) 2015 (2)

Michelle Barton for C-Heads - (c) 2015 (3)

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Michelle Barton for C-Heads - (c) 2015 (9)

Photographer: Michelle Barton – Instagram @flowerhugger – Flowerhuggers@gmail.com
Model: Jenny Parry – Instagram @onthe_wayout – Onthewayoutjp@gmail.com – Www.onthe-wayout.com



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