C-Heads Print
RAINBOWS by Florencia Petra for C-Heads

Sometimes you can see a rainbow so pretty in the sky.

“The main inspirations for this pictures came from the rainbows and friendship. That’s the reason why there are seven girls, where each of them has her colour, her position; and together they make both things up.” tells photographer Florencia Petra about this lovely C-Heads Exclusive starring Camila Rucci, Juanita Solassi, Eloisse Helio, Flo Viveros, Constanza Obregoso, Tamara Stella and Hell En taken in La Plata, Buenos Aires, Argentina on a sunny afternoon. Make Up done by Penelope Martinez.


COPYRIGHT 2015 - Florencia Petra for C-Heads (1)

COPYRIGHT 2015 - Florencia Petra for C-Heads (2)

COPYRIGHT 2015 - Florencia Petra for C-Heads (3)

COPYRIGHT 2015 - Florencia Petra for C-Heads (4)

COPYRIGHT 2015 - Florencia Petra for C-Heads (5)

COPYRIGHT 2015 - Florencia Petra for C-Heads (6)

COPYRIGHT 2015 - Florencia Petra for C-Heads (7)

COPYRIGHT 2015 - Florencia Petra for C-Heads (8)

Photography: Florencia Petra – instagram.com/florenciapetra
Make Up: Penelope Martinez
Girls: Camila Rucci, Juanita Solassi, Eloisse Helio, Flo Viveros, Constanza Obregoso, Tamara Stella. Hell En
Special Thanks: Juli Santini (looks yellow, pink, light blue and green)
Chokers and Necklaces: Conichi Wa



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