“The world is changing and fashion should too.” Bree Warren by Ola Ajani for C-Heads

“I think the whole idea of labeling models based on size is so dated. The world is changing and fashion should too.”


Bree Warren shows off her natural beauty in this C-Heads Exlusive story photographed by Ola Ajani. The Australian born model changing the face of fashion and poses for companies like Asos or Running Bare. She also started a HIS and HERS travel blog called the The Wave Provocateur which is all about tropical destinations. 

All images are no makeup and retouch.


As a curve model, how have you seen the industry change in it’s approach to curve models?

It’s almost been an evolution! It’s kind of cool to think that I wouldn’t have had a job ten years ago but at the same time, I really believe in what I’m doing. It’s so important to see different shapes and sizes in fashion, not just one. I think the whole idea of labeling models based on size is so dated. The world is changing and fashion should too.

Tell us about how you spilt the work and play/pleasure divide, what do you do to catch up on fun?

Oh gosh that’s tough – all the lines are blurred for me these days! I spend a majority of my time modeling and for the last few years that has meant travelling to all sorts of crazy places. Then in my spare time, I started going on surf trips with my boyfriend. We ended up having all these cool photos and knowledge of so many surf destinations that we decided to do something with it – so we started a HIS and HERS travel blog – The Wave Provocateur. The whole concept of being a blogger is all still very new to me but I guess you could say it’s a concoction of my work, play and leisure.

The Wave Provocateur sounds like a surfers dream, who would you want the website appeals to in general?

I’m hoping that it will appeal to anyone who likes to tropical destinations. It definitely has a focus on surfing and obviously we want to hit surfers in particular, but we have also tried really hard to cater to non-surfers. I think sometimes researching travel online can be such a minefield and there just isn’t much info for our age group. It’s this in-between area of being a little bit too old to backpack and way too young to be boring.

Really it’s just about showing people where they can go, where to stay and what they can do there, with our own twist on it. Everywhere we feature, we have actually been there and shot it ourselves. I think it’s quite comforting when you’re going to these places, to know that we have stayed there too.

As you often find yourself on the road a lot, where would you say is home for you and how would you define home?

That’s hard because I’m living such a gypsy life at the moment. In my head, New York is home and I have tried hard to make a sweet little pad for myself here. I love my life in Williamsburg but in my heart Australia will always be home. I feel like there’s something so safe and chilled about life in Australia. I feel most at home when I’m at the beach in Queensland.

What does the end of the year hold for you? What do you have lined up with regards to modelling, travelling and expanding then content on the Wave Provocateur?

If only I had a crystal ball for modelling! I don’t even know what next week holds for me yet so we will have to wait and see. But for the blog, we are trying to line up quite a few trips. Iceland, Cuba and Puerto Rico are on the cards for the next few months and then at Christmas we will be in Thailand, Phillipines and Australia.

Finally, tell us 3 things you always have to have with you when either travelling, modelling or surfing.

Passport, a bikini and my Balenciaga boots. You never know when they will come in handy ;)

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Instagram: @thewaveprovocateur @breekwarren
Photos: @ajanistry
Video @16.9_video_productions

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