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Shanice by Alex Haala for C-Heads

“That super natural look of Shanice got me, after I saw a picture of her long time ago. Her eyes, her lips, her light freckles, her hair!”


Düsseldorf based photographer Alex Haala and Ben Hammer went to Berlin for a weekend trip and organized an exclusive C-Heads shooting at the Cakestudios Berlin starring Model Shanice. After tons of energy drinks in the morning and the excitement of the first encounter they focused on getting a pure and natural looking result.


Alex (1)

Alex (2)

Alex (3)

Alex (4)

Alex (5)

Alex (6)

Alex (7)

Alex (9)

Photography: Alex Haala
Facebook: www.facebook.com/alexhaalaphotography
Instagram: www.instagram.com/alexhaalaphotography
Model: Shanice
Instagram: www.instagram.com/shanicecorbeille
Organisation: Ben Hammer
Studio: Cakestudios Berlin


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