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“My Hotel Room” – Photographer Aladdin Ishmael captured beautiful models in luxe hotel rooms

Los Angeles based photographer Aladdin Ishmael will soon be releasing his book “My Hotel Room” showing elaborate images of beautiful models in luxe hotel rooms.


The architecture and personality of each city is underlined by the lush appearance of the photographed women, showing many familiar faces such as Anja Konstantinova. “When I arrived I was met with luxury, sophistication and an atmosphere that I immediately knew was going to be good for me. All I had to do was relax and find it. The fantasy begins. I have never been one to ever want to own a plush robe and matching slippers but it is rare that I don’t wear both while lounging on the crisp duvet of my hotel suite bed.” Aladdin starts to tell about his one and a half year experience of trips to international luxury hotels in different cities and continues: ” I have an intimacy with the hotel room. It is where naked feels unlike it does at my home. It’s discretely peaceful but spontaneously freeing. I’ll sit on all the furniture with only a towel beneath me. The room has a quiet I want, an occasional loneliness I need for reflection and a faint murmur of passion next door if I imagine it. There is excitement of a city to explore outside but in my hotel room there is a solitude that excites me. A chance for ideas and memories to be isolated on sheets of hotel stationary. I write swiftly and date them in ink at the top of the page, my location noted under the hotel logo. Some read like New Year’s resolutions. Intentions are sanguine while ideas are palpable. I’ll spread out the newspaper on the bed and it touches me more emotionally than I normally would expect. There is an immediacy and importance as I increasingly become more aware of the world again. I’ll make a few more notes to myself before folding them in half, hiding the words I wrote. I tuck them away. Keeping the experience a secret.”










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