C-Heads Print
Andrew by Mario Lomas for C-Heads

During this spring photographer Mario Lomas and model Andrew F. of Northcoastmodels travelled to Asturias in Spain to the national park of Picos de Europa.


“This place is very mountainous and there is a very special lake on top of the hills. Usually this lake, which is known as the Covadonga lake, is full of tourists but due to the bad weather the place was empty. It was just us and the lake all covered by fog. We started taking some pictures and the moment Andrew decided to wear that jacket, I knew that something special was going to happen.” Despite the freezing cold and being soaked within an hour it was worth the results and makes us recognize again the special sentinemt of a foggy day.



dewerf andrew high 00

dewerf andrew high 01

dewerf andrew high 02

dewerf andrew high 03

dewerf andrew high 05

dewerf andrew high 06

dewerf andrew high 07

dewerf andrew high 08

dewerf andrew high 09

dewerf andrew high 10

dewerf andrew high 11

dewerf andrew high 13

dewerf andrew high 14

photography by Mario Lomas – www.dewerf.es / @dewerf
model: Andrew F. (northcoastmodels) – northcoastmodels.com/models/andrew-f / @northcoastmodels



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