From LA to New York in 10 days by Jorge Petrov

Jorge Petrov – a photographer from Switzerland – followed two friends on a trip from Los Angeles to New York. First time in a new place, with not much time but even more gests.


Los Angeles

“A trip with my friends improvised at the last moment. Photographers and travelers, we ended up to discover and enjoy some places still unknown to us. As we had limited time available, we traveled a large part of Los Angeles in a record time with our cameras ready to capture those memories. Sometimes jostled, sometimes running not to miss the subway, or waiting several minutes for the perfect moment, all those pictures have a story to tell.”


JorgePetrov_USA_2016_LA-1 Los Angeles, Hollywood, Waiting for tourists

JorgePetrov_USA_2016_LA-2 Los Angeles, Hollywood, Saddle Ranch Chop House

JorgePetrov_USA_2016_LA-3 Los Angeles, Walt Disney Concert Hall, Lucas Reiser

JorgePetrov_USA_2016_LA-4 Los Angeles, Venice, Abbot Kinney Boulevard

JorgePetrov_USA_2016_LA-5 Los Angeles, Enjoying the landscape, Matthieu and Lucas


New York

“A single city to discover and photograph wasn’t enough! Departure to the «Big Apple» in search of new adventures, sensations, discoveries, surprises and amazement. Impressive in size and architecture, it’s a little suffocating but meeting some friendly locals made us quickly forget a few unusual things for an European. There are people as far as our eyes can see, they fill the streets and animate them. It’s not so easy to find a quiet area. I looked for it and found Coney Island which is the perfect place to enjoy a quiet moment at sunrise. I must return soon.”


JorgePetrov_USA_2016_NY-1 New York, E 14th St, Angry woman

JorgePetrov_USA_2016_NY-3 New York, Walking while taking pictures

JorgePetrov_USA_2016_NY-4 New York, Times Square, Broadway

JorgePetrov_USA_2016_NY-5 New York, No matter what…

JorgePetrov_USA_2016_NY-6 New York, Coney Island

JorgePetrov_USA_2016_NY-7 New York, Shopping time

JorgePetrov_USA_2016_NY-8 New York, The arrow

JorgePetrov_USA_2016_NY-9 New York, Deborah

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