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Youthful moments full of life, thoughtfulness and evanescene – The work by Jay Lorenzo

Jay Lorenzo draws our attention by capturing those youthful moments full of life, laughter, thoughtfulness and evanescence. The 21 year young Chicago based talent started photography last year.


“I started doing photography because of my depression, I was sucidal and I didn’t know what to do with my life. I was in and out of the hospital and I had nothing. I was desperate to be happy and someone hired me to do a video for them for their wedding and after that I found out how much I was in love with it. I got obsessed and all I ever did and thought about was photography and it honestly changed my life. It made me happier and it made me more confident. It´s my way to just forget about everything and all my problems.  I don´t post pictures or videos to make people jealous or think I have a better life cause I don’t. I struggle a lot with everything. But I want people to know that if someone like me can find something that can keep me going in life then so can everyone else!” Yes!


What do you want to capture in your images?

I want to capture beauty in people, different actions and different reactions of peoples faces. I want to show what God made in this earth and everything it has to offer, which is why I travel as much as I can whenever I can. I also want to capture fashion and art. Which is why I love photography because you can’t just settle for one thing, there´s so much to capture that it gets addicting.

The essence of a perfect image?

I think it´s to each is own for that one. It shouldn’t matter what one person says about someone else art. If you think you created art and you love the picture then its already perfect. That’s the beauty of art and photography. You can literally do whatever you want and it´s already perfect, no matter what anyone says.

Words to live by?

Words I live by is enjoy the little things in life, you forget how important they actually are.

Do you take your camera everywhere with you?

I do! No matter where I go, I always have my camera and 2 SD cards and my laptop just in case!













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