A story about to feel yourself.

“This is a story about to feel yourself. It´s about to feel your fear, your anger, your sadness. It´s about to embrace the cold feelings in your stomach, the paralyzing feeling in your arms and legs, the narrowness in your chest. If we´re brave enough to feel, we love and if we love we´re free. Love your madness!” Sophie Schwarzenberger

Photography by Sophie Schwarzenberger
Model is Tania of Iconic Modelmanagement
Hair and make up done by Julia Krohse


img_1266 img_1559 img_1473 img_1569 img_1594 img_1656 img_1982 img_1810 img_1886 img_2096 img_1930

Photography by @sophieschwarzenberger
Facebook Sophie Schwarzenberger Fotografie
model: @chudnovskayat of Iconic Management: www.instagram.com/iconic_mgmt
mua by Julia Krohse: @julia_krohse_hairmakeup_artist
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