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Love from Paris with Pauline Baly

LA / NYC based photographer Jen Senn shot this brilliant story while he was visiting Paris in fall. Starring alluring French Model, Playmate & Actress Pauline Baly. Make-up done by Helen Grace Hening and hair by Marley Gonzalez.

“We started at the flat I was staying in in the Bastille area and then shot on the streets of Paris. Pauline is from a small town in the north of France. She’s an effortless beauty with such an unique look and she just moves so naturally in front of the camera.”


jen_senn_pauline_paris-04412 jen_senn_pauline_paris-04424 jen_senn_pauline_paris-04513 jen_senn_pauline_paris-04543clothing by Maison Close – www.maison-close.com/portail

jen_senn_pauline_paris-04732 jen_senn_pauline_paris-04905 jen_senn_pauline_paris-04816 jen_senn_pauline_paris-04945

clothing by Jen’s Pirate Booty – www.jenspiratebooty.com

jen_senn_pauline_paris-04995 jen_senn_pauline_paris-05088

clothing by Maison Close – www.maison-close.com/portail

jen_senn_pauline_paris-05002 jen_senn_pauline_paris-05187 jen_senn_pauline_paris-05381

Photographer- Jen Senn – www.jensenn.com – instagram.com/jenmsenn
Model- Pauline Baly – www.instagram.com/paulinebaly – www.paulinebaly.com
Makeup- Helen Grace Hening  – www.hgracecreative.com
Hair- Marley Gonzalez – portfoliouucvadl.format.com – www.instagram.com/marleythebarber