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Flowers, insects and natural beauty – ”Warmness in the winter” #1

Creative talent Nastia Cloutier-Ignatiev is back with another lovely series focusing on natural beauty.


“I decided only to use real insects, flowers, and natural light because it is an ode to summer and natural beauty. The models are barely or not wearing makeup at all. I tried to cover the most diversity possible and decided to shoot men – something I did not do anymore.” tells Nastia about her newest series. “By shooting at the golden hour when the sun is low and strong creating harsh shadows and highlights my goal was to show the warmness of the summer. But the series is called ”Warmness in the winter” because I decided to publish it in the winter to bring back light into the dull days ahead.” All pictures are taken from Mai – September 2016 in Montreal and New York.



Aiesha @stilleesh from Kill Management @killmanagement makeup by Marie-Pier Durand @la_durand Wearing Heron Preston @heronpreston


Charles @charlieshulz from Montage Models @montagemodels Alexandre @alexandre.tucker from Dulcedo Models @dulcedomodels makeup by Vanessa Gnay @vanessa.gnay Styling by Jessy @process_visual clothing Rad Hourani @radhourani_


Dahlia @thisisdahlia Makeup by Clara Rae @clara_rae_


Dahlia @thisisdahlia Makeup by Clara Rae @clara_rae_


Eden @edenharvest62 from Dulcedo Models @dulcedomodels Makeup by Geneviève Hardy @genevieve_hardy_


Eden @edenharvest62 from Dulcedo Models @dulcedomodels Makeup by Geneviève Hardy @genevieve_hardy_


Ella @ellakissdefella makeup by Genevieve Hardy @genevieve_hardy Swimwear Colorblock Swimwear @colorblockswim_


Ella @ellakissdefella makeup by Genevieve Hardy @genevieve_hardy_


Ella @ellakissdefella makeup by Genevieve Hardy @genevieve_hardy_


Evelyne @evelyne.forte from Maven Models @mavenmodels_


Fiona @fimji from Specs Models @specsmodels Makeup by Ashley Diabo @ashleydiabo from Teamm @teamm_mgmt_