“We used to call it better life” by Unsocial Radioactive Kid

Kazakhstan girl Unsocial Radioactive Kid shares another poem with us. If you want to know more about her: please read here. Photography by Lyubomir Ignatov.

Sometimes I wanna turn away
From it all,
From this madness
To find my way
And my place
And never see these ugly faces
Burning me with their judging eyes

Sometimes I wanna take it off
All this stress
And old cloth,-
It’s too cold here!
I only feel your heart in ice

You know that nowadays
It’s always better to “look nice”

Why don’t you stop
On your racetrack
And look around
And never back!?-
What a challenge!
We used to call it better life…
Imagine what the world could be
If we stop lies

Sometimes I wanna turn away
But I go on my own runway
It seems endless!
We used to call it “better life”?

words and modeled by Unsocial Radioactive Kid

photography by Lyubomir Ignatov


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