Dancing in the sand dunes with Britta Stephens

Sydney based fashion photographer Ivy Erlinger teamed up with wildflower, painter and multidisciplinary artist Britta Stephens walking and dancing in the sand dunes.

“We started shooting with the sun soaked sunset and the infamous words of “Not all who wander are lost” in our heads… as we got pelted by sandy wind. Despite this, the whole team clamoured excitedly as we saw a turtle push its way down the hill and Britta danced across the dunes.”’ photographer Ivy tells us. Makeup done by Dempsey Rai and hair by Lisa Fulginiti. Britta is wearing clothing by LaPerla, R.M. Williams, Tree of Life, Winona Australia, Somedays Lovin and Ginger & Smart.


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“….I’m just passionate about being creative, in whatever form that may take. I want to mirror the colour and beauty I see in the everyday, capture the essence of an experience to evoke some form of conscious thought, and in the end, hopefully it reminds people to fall in love with our world again.” Britta Stephens

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“….My work is always a ‘work-in-progress’, I’m forever experimenting with new materials and techniques, just pushing boundaries to find what’s possible. I don’t think I’ll ever want to stop moving or growing as an artist. It’s an ongoing process, an constant evolution, and that’s just so exciting…” Britta Stephens


Photographer &  Styling: Ivy Erlinger @ivyerlingerphoto www.ivyerlinger.com
Model: Britta Stephens @etre_britta www.etrebritta.com
Makeup: Dempsey Rai @dempseyrai_makeup
Hair: Lisa Fulginiti @lisa.fulginiti
Clothing: LaPerla, R.M. Williams, Tree of Life, Winona Australia, Somedays Lovin, Ginger & Smart
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