New Generation: Amy Lo 盧慧敏

Ever since the 1960s with Naomi Sims, there has been a growth in diversities reaching the runway, appearing in front of international fashion covers and editorials. Our latest series brings you mixes of all races around the world – the hottest new generation. Inspired by National Geographic’s Changing Faces article.

Amy Lo – Costa Rican & Chinese

Photographer: Lauren Engel

Tell me about your upbringing
My mom is from Costa Rica my dad is from Hong Kong. I was born in Costa Rica and have always been interested in acting, so I had drama classes when I was living there. Costa Rica is just an amazing place, green everywhere and there are lots of birds. Here in Hong Kong there are buildings everywhere, so the complete opposite. My parents met in Costa Rica. My dad designs clothes and my mom makes the clothes and they met in a factory. When they first started dating they just used body language and later my dad started to learn how to speak Spanish for my mom and then they started dating.

Does Costa Rica have a lot of Asians?
There’s a district that has quite a lot with Chinese restaurants and shops but not too many overall. My mom met a few of her Chinese friends there who taught her how to speak Cantonese. My dad taught me Cantonese and my mom taught me Spanish.

What other things than acting do you like?
I like singing but  unfortunately I’m not that great.

Do you have siblings?
I have two older brother and they are three years older than me. We’re all in Hong Kong now because when I was seven we moved here. I really would love to have an older sister as well!

When did you start doing modeling?
I actually never thought about it before and it just happened by accident. I was scouted here at the age of 19, but I was a bit chubbier back then.

What are your plans for after your graduation?
Actually I don’t even know I might end up in lab testing… boring stuff. So I thought maybe now that I have an opportunity I might try out acting.

Are your parents supportive of you acting and modeling?
My parents are really funny especially my dad. He won’t express his opinion but sometimes when I ask to borrow his iPad I would see myself on his wallpaper. Once I open the screen a picture of my mum appears. Laughs. It´s pretty sweet – so I think he supports what I do.

What’s your favourite movie?
Too many! I have some favourite ones from Hong Kong and some Western movies. My favourite western one is Click, I really like that movie. I actually also really like Disney films and old movies are just so good as well. And I love Brad Pitt. When I don’t have work I like to watch movies such as Sherlock Holmes.

What’s your favourite actress? A career you want to follow?
Jennifer Lawrence because she’s so confident. She just wants to be who she is. She doesn’t have to fit the mold.

Have you considered moving to Hollywood?
Actually I went to America to work for two weeks and I realized they quite like me there. In Hong Kong they think I’m too tall, not pale enough and a mix. The market here likes smaller girls who are more cute so it would definitely be harder for me and I would face more barriers. In America they might be more accepting and wouldn´t care so much about that I am not so pale for instance. I went to the Santa Monica for Adidas´ latest collection and I just loved it!

Do you think anyway you will stay in Hong Kong for a long time?
Hong Kong is a great place to improve yourself. It’s easy to understand reality here because people will directly tell you what is good about you and what isn’t. The training is pretty good here. I’m still not strong enough though. I try to think more about the good things. Modeling, acting, social media, and influencer people need to be strong.

Have you been to acting school?
I had some classes before. Modeling also helps a lot.

What do you want to be remembered for?
Being a kind, interesting and happy person!